1948    Qualified Primary School Teacher (Uppsala Teacher Training
1958    Qualified Psychologist (studied Psychology, Sociology,
           Pedagogics at Uppsala and Stockholm Universities)
1967    Fil.lic. qualification (Masters) Psychology (Stockholm University)
1975    Awarded Associate Professorship (Docent) by Lund University
1949-1958 Parallel with academic studies worked part-time as school 
               teacher (10-19 year-olds). Subjects: Sports and Art.
1958-1969 Industrial Psychologist at the Swedish National Board of
               Forestry. During this time UN assignments. Among these
               assignments: Director for Training Center on Teaching
               Methods and Techniques for Forestry Instructors and
               Technical Level Forestry Schools in English-speaking countries
               in Africa (1969) and (1972) from the Asian
               region (Burma, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, India, Iran, etc.)
1969-1992 University Lecturer at the Malmö School of Education and
               Lund University. Most of this time devoted to extensive
               research projects on educational and work psychology. (See
(See Publications)